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Book Your Camp Trips HERE

Don't forget January 2nd is the first day to book your campsites for the month of July. If your going to a popular campground or want the ONE special site then don't delay and get ready to call first thing Sunday, January 2nd 2011. 
Here is a link to the website that books most campgrounds Reserve America in the USA. Here is the note they post online.

California State Park On-sale Begins January 2 (Sunday 8AM PST)Arrivals for July will be On-sale (Jul 1st through 31st) Sign-in before 8:00AM PST for your best on-sale experience (10 minutes before is fine) 
You can also call:
Contact us by Phone NRRS Federal Campgrounds
Toll Free 1-877-444-6777
International 518-885-3639California State Campgrounds
Reservations 1-800-444-7275
Customer Service 1-800-695-2269 Colorado State Park Campgrounds
Reservations 1-800-678-2267
Local Number 1-303-470-1144 Connecticut State Campgrounds
Reservations 1-877-668-2267
Customer Service 1-877-612-1100 East Bay Regional Park District
Reservations 1-888-EBPA…

Snow Camping

As we all venture out to our Holiday plans. I want to wish you all a the best. 
I came across an article that Tripleblaze published (cool site) about winter camping. Check it out. I would love to camp in Winter but haven't tackled that one yet. I came close this year with a power outage for a week (story to come soon). 
Via  tripleblaze then then Salt Lake Tribune a good article has many links

Have you camped in snow?
Have A Happy And Joy Filled  Holiday