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"Long, Long Trailer" (1954) with Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo

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Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo as newly weds learning how a camping honeymoon from the East Coast to Las Vegas can almost wreck a marriage.  Great comedy - it's hilarious. says my new camping buddy Linda.

Camp Coffee

Portable Propane Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Carafe •  Fantastic portable propane powered coffeemaker•  No cords, stove, or percolator required•  Operates on a single standard 16.4 oz propane cylinder•  Easy to start - simply push the InstaStart™ auto ignition button to get the coffee brewing•  Authentic stainless steel carafe•  4,500 BTU for effective heating•  Delivers fresh brewed coffee in 18 minutes•  Easy to use, just like coffemaker at home•  Water reservoir cover opens, filter basket removes for easy cleaning•  Runs up to 4.4 hours on one 16.4 oz propane cylinder•  Maximum capacity is approximately 10 cups•  3 year warrantyFREE SHIPPING FOR MEMORIAL DAY CLICK HERE WATCH VIDEO HERE

COMMENT: I wonder how this works in person, I prefer to use a peculator camping mostly because it feels so "camping". Out of the drip coffee makers I've seen I must say this Colman (top of page) one is really "COOL" looking.  


Memorial Day Camping

Does anyone really go camping on Memorial Day? 
I stopped camping during Holidays when I hit my mid 30's. The crowds, traffic and hoo ha's drove me out of the Holiday Camping Crowd. Hey HCC camping!
Are you HCC or NOT HCC

FREE Apps For Campers - Part One

Free Camping Apps
In the Iphone and Android era there is much to explore using our phones/mini computers as a Camping In Style tool. I recently purchased an Iphone and it has been a love affair since. Here are a few apps I've tried. Please share your experiences too.  

FREE APP: Coleman’s Cookout Cookbook and Meal Planner  I actually surprised myself by liking this one. The choices of meals are good to great and the app allows you to plan with shopping list and directions for cooking right at the campsite. Check it out for sure. FREE APP:  Bug Spray - Ultrasonic By Apptomic LLCOk the ratings are not high on this one. But just to be curios I'm going to try it. It claims to have a high frequency tone that has an effect of repelling insects. RIGHT?
Customer Reviews           Hurts My Daughters Earsby Mommy's itunes account Be Careful! My 8 year-old daughter cried when we made this app active. Some children can hear this and it really hurts. This may, very well, be …

A Mother's Day Hike & Rainbow Lodge

Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mother. We spent our day with good friends taking a short hike on Independence Trail and then lunch at  Rainbow Lodge located in Soda Springs California. My daughter didn't get much sleep last night so she reminded me all day of my role in her life.