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Urban Camping Hot August Nights


10 Rules For Glamping

I found this post on Aupairs Blog and though I love every bit of it, I would say my style is Glamping light. The rules I would want to change is......Make 1 or 2 meals because I love to cook, let someone else do the dishesI love making a campfire Lastly if I'm going outdoors then the kid has to come, Fiji 5 start that's another thing______________________________ 10 Rules for GlampingPublishedAugust 6, 2012 | Byadmin
Camping isn’t for everyone, but if you love the outdoors and don’t like the idea of “roughing it,” then glamping might be for you.  Glamping is a way to enjoy camping without all of the work, bugs or dirt.  When glamping, no dirty hands are required. If you’re up for a glamorous camping adventure, be sure to follow these 10 rules.
Do not make your own food.  When you go glamping you will be treated to gourmet food cooked by a chef.  Depending on the experience, the food could be cooked over an open fire on-site where you can watch or it might come on a tray…

Camping Without A Plan @ Scotts Flat Campground

Flying by the seat of my camping shorts on this trip. Last minute non plan. Super easy all aroundKid friendlyAdult passable mealsLittle or no cooking  Camping at Scotts Flat in Grass Valley, CA for three nights with two other families on two sites.

Bring the small tent, blow up kyak and assorted cloths "whatever!"

Don't forget the ball for the dog............. oh dog food too

In all the trip went well. In fact I didn't forget anything that someone else didn't have.
 Our meal plan was the best, though not gourmet it went over quite well.

Meal Plan For 3 Days
Pre-made cheese quesadillas to reheat Can of black beansChips & SalsaGuacamoleMargaritas
2ND DAY NIGHT Cereal, yogurt, berriesCheese, crackers, salami, grapesOrder OUT 5 Mile house for dinnerRed Wine 
 3RD DAY NIGHT Cereal, yogurt, berriesGREAT sandwiches from The Harmony Ridge MarketMack & Cheese, Adelle's pre-cooked sausage, watermelon Gin & Tonic SCOTT'S FLAT CAMPGROUND MAP CLICK HE…