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Sleeping Under The Stars At HOME

After the Summer guests have gone, the smoke has cleared from local fires and before it gets too cold, our daughter and I set up a tent-less room on our deck to stargaze and sleep in the cool evenings.

Every morning we take a big sheet to cover our bed during the hot day to protect it from leaves or even the dog should he sneak onto the deck and decide to take a nap. So far so good.

Yesterday our daughter woke up at 6am, still dark and said "Mom hurry come out the stars are so pretty" I was awake in the house only to rush out, snuggle and star gaze with her. We saw a shooting star and it felt so awesome to share this moment with her.

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Fun Finds - Happy Hour

Taking it up a notch with unbreakable dishware.  Great for first night at the campground appetizer plate.
Talavera Melamine Platter