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Vintage Airstream

Could we park this in our garden ?

Bears In Our Neighborhood

My neighbors always seem to catch our local bear. On this night he or she was in pursuit of a meal. 

California Dept. of Fish and Game News Release RE: BEARS

California Department of Fish and Game News Release
May 5, 2011

DFG Offers Tips on Staying Safe in Bear Country

The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) reminds campers,
anglers and hikers enjoying the outdoors to take precautions to limit
black bear encounters. A key element to safe camping and recreating in
bear country is to limit food odors that attract bears.

“Bears are constantly in search of easily obtainable food sources,"
said Marc Kenyon, DFG statewide bear program coordinator. "A bear’s
fate is almost always sealed once it associates human activity with
potential food. It’s always unfortunate when a bear has to be killed
because people either haven’t learned how to appropriately store food
and trash, or simply don’t care."

California’s growing black bear population is now estimated at more
than 40,000. Black bears are located in most of the state where suitable
habitat exists and bear/human encounters are not isolated to wilderness
settings. For exam…

Camping SRPING FEVER - part 2

Getting Ready For Summer Camping
List of Gear you WANT see RETAIL THERAPY for ideas
List of Gear you NEED see list of "Shopping Resources" to right of posts onHOME PAGE OR BLOGGER. Review your CAMP CHECKLIST and go through your first aid kit to refresh and review what you want to work on till it's time to camp.Take a look at the cloths you have, if you have changed sizes you may need to start replacing SEE CLOTHS for a list. If you have a kid you will want to consider their size change and needs too. SEE KIDS. For ideas.Start doing a quick run through of the local thrift stores for the items on your list. Plan on purchasing what you don't find at the thrift and discount stores the month before your first trip. Or try Lands End, Sierra Tradersetc... for some GREAT deals.Play camping in your house to inspire your kids, DOG'S and husbands.Make aRESERVATIONS for a camp site if you haven't alreadyWipe and wash coolers.Freeze half and full gallons of water to use in …