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Sleeping Under The Stars At HOME

After the Summer guests have gone, the smoke has cleared from local fires and before it gets too cold, our daughter and I set up a tent-less room on our deck to stargaze and sleep in the cool evenings.

Every morning we take a big sheet to cover our bed during the hot day to protect it from leaves or even the dog should he sneak onto the deck and decide to take a nap. So far so good.

Yesterday our daughter woke up at 6am, still dark and said "Mom hurry come out the stars are so pretty" I was awake in the house only to rush out, snuggle and star gaze with her. We saw a shooting star and it felt so awesome to share this moment with her.

Eco FriendlyInexpensiveFunEasyMemorable Doesn't Require Scheduling

Fun Finds - Happy Hour

Taking it up a notch with unbreakable dishware.  Great for first night at the campground appetizer plate.
Talavera Melamine Platter

Urban Camping Hot August Nights


10 Rules For Glamping

I found this post on Aupairs Blog and though I love every bit of it, I would say my style is Glamping light. The rules I would want to change is......Make 1 or 2 meals because I love to cook, let someone else do the dishesI love making a campfire Lastly if I'm going outdoors then the kid has to come, Fiji 5 start that's another thing______________________________ 10 Rules for GlampingPublishedAugust 6, 2012 | Byadmin
Camping isn’t for everyone, but if you love the outdoors and don’t like the idea of “roughing it,” then glamping might be for you.  Glamping is a way to enjoy camping without all of the work, bugs or dirt.  When glamping, no dirty hands are required. If you’re up for a glamorous camping adventure, be sure to follow these 10 rules.
Do not make your own food.  When you go glamping you will be treated to gourmet food cooked by a chef.  Depending on the experience, the food could be cooked over an open fire on-site where you can watch or it might come on a tray…

Camping Without A Plan @ Scotts Flat Campground

Flying by the seat of my camping shorts on this trip. Last minute non plan. Super easy all aroundKid friendlyAdult passable mealsLittle or no cooking  Camping at Scotts Flat in Grass Valley, CA for three nights with two other families on two sites.

Bring the small tent, blow up kyak and assorted cloths "whatever!"

Don't forget the ball for the dog............. oh dog food too

In all the trip went well. In fact I didn't forget anything that someone else didn't have.
 Our meal plan was the best, though not gourmet it went over quite well.

Meal Plan For 3 Days
Pre-made cheese quesadillas to reheat Can of black beansChips & SalsaGuacamoleMargaritas
2ND DAY NIGHT Cereal, yogurt, berriesCheese, crackers, salami, grapesOrder OUT 5 Mile house for dinnerRed Wine 
 3RD DAY NIGHT Cereal, yogurt, berriesGREAT sandwiches from The Harmony Ridge MarketMack & Cheese, Adelle's pre-cooked sausage, watermelon Gin & Tonic SCOTT'S FLAT CAMPGROUND MAP CLICK HE…

Nevada City Outside INN - Style

In this awesome town of ours (Nevada City) there are many
places that make it the wonderful destination it is.
The Outside Inn  issuch a place.
The motel features unique themed rooms under tall pines and
is just a short walk to bookstores, cappuccino, shopping,
entertainment and restaurants. Nevada City is located in California's
Gold Country and has managed to maintain a lot of its
charm and history.  
The hotel staff will set up bike rentals or a kayak lesson, on
 flat or moving water and recommend  mountain bike trails. They
can also suggest a rafting company to take you down the North Yuba
or the South Fork of the American Rivers. 

The point I'm making is if your in Nevada City and love the
outdoors or want a unique non commercial place to stay check
out The Outside Inn. It's AWESOME!
Plan ahead and check out Erin's Blogg "InnSide Nevada City" it has
everything you could want to do and see in Nevada County.
Also on Facebook
Erin an…

Squaw Valley In Summer Style

Sometimes Camping In Style is taking in Squaw Valley activities

High Camp, see other activities here  Eat, swim, hot tub, tennis, hike, drink, picnic, music, take your dog

Adults $29 Children $10 ride all day pass
We also took in a ropes course at Squaw Valley Adventure Center teaching our 7 yr old how to challenge herself. She did great!

What a great time to be had A few links I would check out if your going to Squaw Valley, CA 
Adventure Center High Camp Miniature Golf Bike Rental Events Calendar Village Map

Happy Hour / M-F a great way to save $ Plump Jacks also great Sunday Brunch Rockervery kid friendly with GREAT outdoor setting
Also Yummy Sushi @ Mamasake  Fireside Pizza 22 Bistro more dinning

NATURE LOVING Camp Activities

Rock Art: Draw a line or spiral with a long stick and ask them to collect rocks and pine cones and place on the line in a pattern. Show them a picture of “The spiral Jetty” by Robert Smithson

Camp Kitchen: Collect cooking gear from the thrift store, see if you can find items on small scale, find a flat rock, log or camp bench and draw in chalk a stove top (two circles with an “X”) Fill a pitcher of water and tell them to go to town making mud pies and cooking them. (keep mud away from where people walk)

Rock & Stick Art: Hunt for sticks and rocks then paint with washable tempera.

Pine Cone Critters: Glue small rocks, sticks onto pine cones to make different figures. Tacky glue works best.

Hide & Seek and old stand by

Bug Hunt with a bug jar

Hopscotch: Use a long sticks to make squares in dirt & small rocks to throw

Beading: $1 store good for this, I like using a tray or baking sheet to contain everything

Journal: Glue, tape found leaves etc... and write about nature finds add phot…

Glamping In Georgia @ Sugarboo Farms

Sugarboo Farms is the perfect place to stay in beautiful scenic Blairsville, GA. 

"The artist of Sugarboo Designs Rebecca Puig and her husband Rick, who is a long time home builder, had an idea of creating a beautiful getaway for friends and family called Sugarboo Farms"

 The farm is a relaxing mountain atmosphere to get away from the everyday stresses of life. Set on 20 acres in the North Georgia Mountains, guests will find plenty of space and privacy to enjoy with their groups. 

Sugarboo Farms specializes in hosting groups and is ideal for corporate retreats, small company events, club gatherings, birthday parties, weddings, reunions, and ideal for a weekend retreat. 

The facility is within miles of trails for hiking and biking, along with an on site organic farm with animals as well as local activities such as boating, fishing, and golfing. 

They also own Sugarboo Designs
Contact: Kristen Kepler Surarboo Farms Facebook 678-357-2409

Sisters on The Fly - Girls You'll Love THIS

Sisters on the Fly, Caravans, Campfires and Tales from the Road

Sisters On The Fly, written by Irene Rawlings, introduces readers to the fabulous network of sisters who have bonded over vintage camping trailers, martinis, fishing and good ol’ sisterhood.  The book includes fabulous photos, recipes, suggestions for renovating a trailer and more.  

Currently for sale at J.J.Jackson’s in downtown Nevada City, it’s a great gift idea for anyone who loves camping and wants to get inspired by this growing group of sisters.  
The best advice on decorating your trailer, “My sister, Maurrie, and I have a pretty simple rule,” says Becky.  “Hook your trailer up and take it for a ride. Everything that ends up on the floor is too much.”  If you’ve got a “Calamity Jane, Mustang Sally, Rhinestone Cowgirl, Whisky Rose” named trailer, you’ll feel right at home with your Sisters on the Fly.
Book review by Erin Thiem @ OutsideInn
Do check out Sisters On The Fly website, I'm still exploring…

Happy Hour @ The Campground

In my 20's the drink de jour was any beer someone brought or a Bacardi and coke

In my 30's it was a Belvedere Martini, two olives, dry, up
In my 40's drinking it's a glass of wine with an occasional cocktail or micro brew

When I plan group camp trips I often make the first night "Happy Hour" at our site and ask my fellow campers to bring an appetizer. This is a great way to break in the weekend as well as an easy dinner for everyone who just set up camp and doesn't feel like cooking a full meal.


This type of opener is great and compact. It can cut the cap off of a wine bottle as well as open it and opens bottled beer and other beverages as well.

Williams Sanoma

Are we making margaritas blended? If that's your thang then this is the tool for you
GSI Camp Blender w/ Hand Crank Plastic or stainless steel seems to be the best choices here. Check out these favorites.
GSI Stemless W…