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Birds of Sierra Nevada Calif

As Spring nears I hear more and more birds every morning. It makes me feel hopeful, excited and curious about what birds we have here in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Then in my research I found two great resources. * South Yuba River Park Association
Birding at Bridgeport by local expert Bill Cortright Schedule for South Yuba Bird WatchAnd a beautiful resource site through San Francisco State University listing details about the Birds of The Sierra Valley and The Yuba Pass Area click here to see their report.SUGGESTED READINGSierra Nevada Natural History, T. I. Storer, R. L. Usinger,D. Lukas; The classic book on all aspects of the natural history of the Range of Light.
Order at AmazonA Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the Sierra Nevada, S. Whitney. A modern and comprehensive guide to the region's natural history.
Order at AmazonDiscovering Sierra Birds, T. Beedy; S. Granholm, Yosemite Natural History Association. An engaging book on the natural history of …

Hills Flat Lumber Camp Kitchen Gear

Yesterday I stopped into our local Hills Flat Lumber and was completely sidetracked by all the cookware, I thought to myself "self, I said, what do you need to stock up on for camping this Summer"

Wild Gorillas Come To Camp

An amazing chance encounter with a  troop of wild mountain gorillas near  Bwindi National Park, Uganda
My girlfriend sent this YouTube video to me and  I think I must have been smiling as big as the  man who experienced them in person.

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