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Apr 24, 2011

Resources For Camping ( In Style )

ADR in front of the farm stand at school 2011

When I started this blog I put together a list of places to find everything you could need to go Camping In Style. I must say I refer to this list all year long when I need something or want a quick way to research something. You will find this list to the mid right of the home page at all times. * are my favorite sites. A few of them may surprise you.

Let me know your resources too



    Apr 18, 2011

    Spring Feaver Mind Drift

    Is it time yet? Should we get into the garage and start going through the camping gear. Can we make a list of the gear we have, need and want....................... yet? 

    OK close your eyes now, i m a g i n  with me for a minute...........

    The sun is starting it's upward journey, you feel the sun begin to kiss your shoulders, not too hot just a reminder of how long it's been since you felt your skin bathed in vitamin K. Your taking in the moment when when you hear...

    "M o m   can I have a marshmallow yet!"
    "Sweetheart" you say " it's only 8am"

    Your kid then goes into the tent for the next hour while your morning joe is peculating bubbles of fresh ground Italian roast before your eyes. You grasp your cup like a long lost jewel and sip it by the morning fire. It's quiet, it's cozy and you don't have to do laundry, answer the phone or rush your kid off to school, you open a trashy magazine or thoughtful book and all worries are gone.................... you have just rekindled your love affair with camping!

    Here's to joyful thoughts about camping. 

    Apr 12, 2011

    Fun Find - Food Tent

    What do you think? A food tent?

    Found at best price LG Outdoors for $15.71

    Paha Que Food Tent

    Sometimes you need to keep the bugs away from your food. Especially during barbecues and other outdoor events. Swatting at the bugs is tiresome and they just keep coming back!

    Now Paha Que offers the ideal solution -The Food Tent. Perfectly sized to fit on the end of a picnic table, The Food Tent uses convenient hanging doors for quick one-handed access to your serving platters. Straps at the ends allow The Food Tent to be secured to any picnic table, keeping it in place during the highest winds. Making your outdoor experience better - that's what we do at Paha Que!

    Size: 36" x 20" x 20" tall 

    Apr 2, 2011

    Glamping TIP: Milk Crate Side Table

    Glamp up your tent with a MILK CRATE SIDE TABLE:

    • Pack what your going to use in your tent inside the crate
    • Flash lights or lantern
    • Reading books or magazines 
    • Reading glasses
    • Book light
    • Box of tissue
    • Empty small tissue box for trash
    • Vintage cloth to cover
    • Stainless steal water bottle
    • Slipper Socks

    After you set up your tent turn the crate on it's side, cover with the cloth and use open side to store you belongings. Ready to go camping tip # 102543.