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Nature Based Art Projects For Kids

Rock Art: Draw a line or spiral with a long stick and collect rocks and pine cones - place on the line in a pattern. Show them a picture of “The spiral Jetty” by Robert Smithson.

Camp Kitchen: Collect cooking gear from the thrift store, see if you can find items on small scale, find a flat rock, log or camp bench and draw in chalk a stove top (two circles with an “X”) Fill a pitcher of water and tell them to go to town making mud pies and cooking them. (keep mud away from where people walk).

Rock & Stick Art: Hunt for sticks and rocks then paint with washable tempera
Pine Cone Critters: Glue small rocks, sticks onto pine cones to make different figures. Tacky glue works best.

Hide & Seek an old stand by.

Bug Hunt with a bug jar.

Hopscotch: Use a long sticks to make squares in dirt & small rocks to throw.

Beading: $1 store good for this, I like using a tray or baking sheet to contain everything.

Journal: Glue, tape found leaves etc... and write about nature finds add photos…