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Vintage Teardrop Camper with 1956 Parklane Trim


My D.L. Bliss Camping Trip

Three nights and four days at D.L. Bliss site #103. LOVED IT!

I spent my 46th birthday celebrating with our good friends the Millers at D.L. Bliss Campground. My girlfriend Deb. took me to lunch at Sunnyside where we shared a bottle of wine and ate deck side watching Lake Tahoe's spectacular views of snow topped mountains in 80degree weather.
Every year I want my camp trip to be better than the last one. I try something new and let go of things that didn't work . This trip was my most perfect trip in 16years.
Our obsession for camping is wanting to make the next trip better, bring better stuff and make it less work. "next trip I'm going to do this instead of that" we say to ourselves.
Here is what made this trip the best.

Organize Your Camp Gear

Good Morning, this is me.............. uh.. Ruth
 I'm tucking in a quick blog post before we take off to Tahoe for our fist Camping In Style trip. 
This time I'm trying to go Camping In Style "Light"
I'm feeling more organized than usual Maybe because I didn't start packing till yesterday and my mind is clear
One tub for beverages/bar
Fire wood bin
One tub for camp necesities One container for dry food And a cooler
One bag for beach goods
Along with all the usual stuff stuffed in my car
I can't wait to get to this 
With Deb after camp set up bye for now!