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Each site listed here has been chosen as a favorite by myself or a member. Every campground no matter how great it rates has site numbers that are better than others. For instance the three campgrounds listed for Lake Tahoe all are rated a 10 by "California Camping", however you will see that if you get the wrong location you could be spending your trip smelling auto exhaust from every trailer driving by your site or seeing a glaring light in your eye all night from being located too close to the bathrooms. The best advice I can give is to plan ahead by calling the Park first and asking them what sites they like or don't like. Sometimes by viewing the layout map of the campground you can see what sites have more room and where they are located. Most but not all campgrounds use Reserve America to make reservations. See Location Location to find out more details about getting the best site and location for your next trip.

D.L. Bliss State Park
Tahoe, CA
Park 530…


Camping with your pet can be as much fun for you as it is for your pet.
A few things to consider:
Remember your dog needs to stay cool and warm just like you doDo not leave your dog unattendedBe current on all shots esp. rabies and wearing the tagApply flea and tick meds a few days prior to travelIf your dog is aggressive or unfriendly it’s best to leave them at home as you WILL have some strange kid or person walk though your campsite unannounced if only to take a short cut to the bathroom.Bring the same bedding as home if possible, kennel, bed, blanket etc...PLEASE put a name tag with phone number on your dogUse something to glow or light your dogs collar at night.Bring your dogs medications Bring a brush to use to dust off your dirty little beast Always make water available in a bowl Keep your animal's food in a sealed, bug/critter proof containerBring one or two towels for your dogBring a leash and something longer to tie off your dog at campsite. If your dog is small, consider …


The best advise I can give on sunscreen is to use it. Ware a hat and lightweight long sleeve shirt. They make SPF protecting clothing too.

Here are some of my favorite non-toxic sunscreens that are earth friendly and are biodegradable for any of the lakes or rivers you will be swimming in. I like these brands because they are more fluid and go on easy.
One note about sunscreen is the higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) the greater the protection. So SPF 40 means you can stay out 40% longer without damage.

However you are saposto apply prior to sun exposure and reapply a second coat 30 seconds after the first to meet the products protection standards. Lastly having a UVA & UVB protection is equally important.
Natural sunscreens use Titanium Dioxide and Zinc for the active ingredient so the higher numbers will have more of a white coloring. I like using the lower numbers to avoid the white pasty look and keep reapplying. For my daughter I use the higher SPF and she doesn't noti…