The best advise I can give on sunscreen is to use it. Ware a hat and lightweight long sleeve shirt. They make SPF protecting clothing too.

Here are some of my favorite non-toxic sunscreens that are earth friendly and are biodegradable for any of the lakes or rivers you will be swimming in. I like these brands because they are more fluid and go on easy.
One note about sunscreen is the higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) the greater the protection. So SPF 40 means you can stay out 40% longer without damage.

However you are saposto apply prior to sun exposure and reapply a second coat 30 seconds after the first to meet the products protection standards. Lastly having a UVA & UVB protection is equally important.
Natural sunscreens use Titanium Dioxide and Zinc for the active ingredient so the higher numbers will have more of a white coloring. I like using the lower numbers to avoid the white pasty look and keep reapplying. For my daughter I use the higher SPF and she doesn't notice yet she looks like I've coated her with gesso.
I personally stay away from aerosol spray sunscreens. I’m thinkin’ they are totally toxic not to mention they have a long list of ingredients that I can't pronounce. On that note I found one natural spray pump sunscreen by Aubrey. I use this one for quick application and on feet.
  • Burts Bees After Sun Soother (love this stuff)
  • Aubrey Organics Saving Face Spray SPF 10
  • Caribbean Solutions
  • Eco Lani
Let me know what brands you like to use? Click on COMMENT and tell all..................



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