Camping SRPING FEVER - part 2

Getting Ready For Summer Camping
  1. List of Gear you WANT see RETAIL THERAPY for ideas
  2. List of Gear you NEED see list of "Shopping Resources" to right of posts on HOME PAGE OR BLOGGER.
  3. Review your CAMP CHECKLIST and go through your first aid kit to refresh and review what you want to work on till it's time to camp.
  4. Take a look at the cloths you have, if you have changed sizes you may need to start replacing SEE CLOTHS for a list. If you have a kid you will want to consider their size change and needs too. SEE KIDS. For ideas.
  5. Start doing a quick run through of the local thrift stores for the items on your list. Plan on purchasing what you don't find at the thrift and discount stores the month before your first trip. Or try Lands End, Sierra Traders etc... for some GREAT deals.
  6. Play camping in your house to inspire your kids, DOG'S and husbands.
  7. Make a RESERVATIONS for a camp site if you haven't already
  8. Wipe and wash coolers.
  9. Freeze half and full gallons of water to use in cooler with loose ice.
  10. I like to pull wood from our wood piles and place closer to the garage for upcoming trip.
  11. Purchase or check your 3 clear plastic bins.
  • One for KITCHEN GEAR put a note of what you need to add just before you go camping. If your using your  house pans and knives for instance put a piece of paper in the "KITCHEN" bin that has the list of items not to forget. Wipe out bins and make sure what is in there is clean.
  • Second and third clear plastic bins are for dry food and bottles or liquid's  SEE PACKING CAMP FOOD  to read about packing camp food.
  • Label bins with "NO FOOD - KITCHEN COOKING" or " FOOD FOOD FOOD" especially if you plan on camping every year. This helps your kids and your guests know what goes in bear box and how important it is to keep your FOOD in the bear box. 

FEWH now we just have to wait for some good weather and were ready!



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