Birds of Sierra Nevada Calif

Hermit Thrush

As Spring nears I hear more and more birds every morning. It makes me feel hopeful, excited and curious about what birds we have here in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Then in my research I found two great resources. 

Barn Owl at Folsom Zoo

* South Yuba River Park Association
Birding at Bridgeport by local expert Bill Cortright

Bring In The Clowns photo by Mark Schmitt w/ GREAT photos

Schedule for South Yuba Bird Watch

Red Tailed Hawk at Folsom Zoo

And a beautiful resource site through San Francisco State University listing details about the Birds of The Sierra Valley and The Yuba Pass Area click here to see their report.

American Dipper taken from Wikipedia


  • Sierra Nevada Natural History, T. I. Storer, R. L. Usinger,D. Lukas; The classic book on all aspects of the natural history of the Range of Light.
    Order at Amazon
  • A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the Sierra Nevada, S. Whitney. A modern and comprehensive guide to the region's natural history.
    Order at Amazon
  • Discovering Sierra Birds, T. Beedy; S. Granholm, Yosemite Natural History Association. An engaging book on the natural history of Sierran birds; the geographic focus is the West Side of the Sierra and especially Yosemite and Kings Canyon national parks.
    Order at Amazon
  • Birds of Yosemite and the East Slope, the late David Gaines, Artemisia Press. An important distributional book on the most complex region of the Sierra by one of the state's greatest naturalists; strong on habitat preferences, seasonal cycles, and vivid prose.
    Order at Amazon
  • The Birder's Handbook: A Field Guide to the Natural History of North American Birds, P. R. Ehrlich, D. S. Dobkin, D. Wheye, Simon & Schuster. A comprehensive digest of the natural history and ecological thought on North American Birds -- a must companion to your field guide.
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Ifallsmichelle said…
What beautiful photos!!! We are going to the Bridgeport area in June, I can't wait!

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