Camping Without A Plan @ Scotts Flat Campground

Flying by the seat of my camping shorts on this trip. Last minute non plan.
  • Super easy all around
  • Kid friendly
  • Adult passable meals
  • Little or no cooking 
Camping at Scotts Flat in Grass Valley, CA for three nights with two other families on two sites.

Bring the small tent, blow up kyak and assorted cloths "whatever!"

Don't forget the ball for the dog............. oh dog food too

In all the trip went well. In fact I didn't forget anything that someone else didn't have.
 Our meal plan was the best, though not gourmet it went over quite well.

Meal Plan For 3 Days

  • Pre-made cheese quesadillas to reheat
  • Can of black beans
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Margaritas

  • Cereal, yogurt, berries
  • Cheese, crackers, salami, grapes
  • Order OUT 5 Mile house for dinner
  • Red Wine 
  • Cereal, yogurt, berries
  • GREAT sandwiches from The Harmony Ridge Market
  • Mack & Cheese, Adelle's pre-cooked sausage, watermelon 
  • Gin & Tonic


Outside Inn said…
Love the order out option of a camp out!
Kelly said…
Love it. Especially the gin'n'tonic. Perfect end to a perfect spontaneous camping trip.
Theresa said…
Great plan indeed! I hope you and the family had a great time during that trip. You must have packed up lots of memories during those days. Will you be doing the same excursion in the near future. I hope so. This one turned great from the looks of it.
Thanks for your comment Theresa, we did have a good time and will do it again next year.

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