Sleeping Under The Stars At HOME

After the Summer guests have gone, the smoke has cleared from local fires and before it gets too cold, our daughter and I set up a tent-less room on our deck to stargaze and sleep in the cool evenings.

Extra comfy using our indoor linens
A sheet to cover during the day

Every morning we take a big sheet to cover our bed during the hot day to protect it from leaves or even the dog should he sneak onto the deck and decide to take a nap. So far so good.

Bravo sleeps with his ball 
She sleeps with a doll
GREAT bonding time

Yesterday our daughter woke up at 6am, still dark and said "Mom hurry come out the stars are so pretty" I was awake in the house only to rush out, snuggle and star gaze with her. We saw a shooting star and it felt so awesome to share this moment with her.

I highly recommend it!

  • Eco Friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Fun
  • Easy
  • Memorable
  • Doesn't Require Scheduling


Outside Inn said…
We've got one too!!!!
I love it, isn't it the best, I love glaping it up at home, so much to be said for sleeping under the stars in any why shape or form you can.
Anonymous said…
Sweet! Haven't tried it with my daughter but will try it next summer.
"What I like about camping is you can get really dirty." Unknown
James Motor said…
I love this idea. I must admit that, having camped for as long as I can remember I do succumb to the urge of luxury camping equipment including those from (my personal favourite but the choice is yours!) but I have to admit you make the DIY look seem very appealing! I must give this a try when it is too cold to actually venture out!
James Motor said…
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