Camp Clothing


For a two night camp trip in summer it should look something like this minimally

3 Pairs underwear
2 Short sleeve shirts
2 Pants:  1 jeans 1 fleece or sweat pant style
1 Pair of shorts
1 Tank top
2 Long sleeve shirts: one can be for sleeping
1 Swimsuit
1 Beach towel
1 Silky pants for sleeping (water wicking/bike or smooth exercise type work best so your legs don’t stick to your covers and you can put second layer soft pants over then in the morning)
1 Sandals, water shoes or flip flops for beach or shower
1 Ugg type boots or lined clogs for easy on off around campsite
1 Sweat shirt/fleece with hood
1 Light jacket (just in case)
1 Skirt or camp dress opt.
1 Bandanna & sun hat
1 Bath towel, hand towel & washrag
3 socks
1 Pair good of comfortable walking/hiking shoes
1 pair of gloves for cold or handling wood

Some sites have laundry facilities if that matters to you THEN take quarters and soap of your choosing they will probably sell some there as well.


A Few Of My Favorite Camp Clothing Vendors

Your Local Thrift Store

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