First Camptrip Review

Camping was both good and well as usual a learning experience. I've come to decide a few things:

Bring what makes you comfortable without bringing too much

I like my camp kitchen set up and don't need to buy anything bigger

I don't like the laundry basket idea, I couldn't find anything and prefer the compartments of a duffel bag

I'm not into rainy camping when it comes time to pack up. Everything is wet and dirt is stuck to it

Camping with my 5 year old daughter is awesome

A truck would make camping easier

Bears are fairly harmless but even though I know I don't have to worry about them my instinct says don't sleep the first night I camp. And it's always a thrill to see them.

I love my $3 purchase from the thrift store it's very useful as a seat or side table

Three days or more of camping makes packing up more tolerable

We LOVE smoores with cookies

Using a wine box to roll up newsprint for making a fire was a good idea for longer term camping

A labradoodle and water side camping is a GREAT mix. This is Bravo our 1 1/2 yr dog


Tim Thompson said…
Looks like a great camp kitchen setup. If I'm camping where I don't have access to running water, I take a couple of gallon jugs along to drain the melted ice water from my coolers. I use it to wash hands and dishes.
Anonymous said…
"Bears are fairly harmless." I spent an entire summer in Rocky Mountain bear country. They are anything but harmless.
LOL! You are so right about that. I've seen Alaska Bush People!!! lol
liza said…

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