Bugs can be the pesky critters that make camping annoying. However the good news it that there are several things you can do to keep them at everyone else’s campsite.


What does COLOR have to do with it?

Many of you know I’m a color consultant, so why would I be giving you advice on what color to wear? Well, believe it or not Mosquitoes like dark colors. If you can stay away from dark colors at night and early mornings when you’re outside it will help. What else…….

1 Avoid any scented soaps, lotions, shampoo etc... if possible other than those listed here

2 Apply mosquito repellent late afternoon ( see my deet free listing )

3 Campfire smoke is a good bug deterrent

4 Keeping your tent securely closed at all times

5 Coils are effective but here you have vapors of low toxic chemicals

6 Off Clip On makes a battery operated thingy that clips to your belt and seems to work well, however I’m not liking the idea of vapors

7 Eating garlic helps. Tablets can be taken a week prior

8 Mosquito detouring clothing is also available

9 Skin-so-Soft by Avon has a full line of fairly natural products without deet. Natural products should be reapplied often.

10 Non-Toxic Mosquito wipes used to wipe down things other than skin, like shoes, ice chest, lantern and stove to act as a scent deterrent everywhere. I have even used a non-toxic spray on the picnic table at the ends away from where I’m eating. Another reason to use deet free. Products containing Deet are considered the best but I just don’t use chemicals on me or where I breathe so I won’t do it here either

11 Don’t forget to apply to your ears too

12 Some sunscreens with mosquito repellent too

13 Lemon grass, citronella and eucalyptus oil can also be worn, should be reapplied often
Five drops of lemon eucalyptus the oil per 1c of water in a plastic spray bottle.2 to 4 sprays before being exposed. The scent will help keep mosquitoes away. 

14 Citronella candles help a little

15 Take Vitamin B-1 every day

16 Stay away from eating bananas

17 Use Bounce dryer sheets for Wasp/Meat Bee's as well as mosquitoes 

18 Bugs are VERY scent attracted or NOT. Most hygiene products have scents that attract bugs

19 Mosquitoes like the sweet smell of you when you intake sugars or when your blood vessels are dilated from drinking alcohol

Enjoy a bug free vacation!
Here is what I have done and it works. Bath in all Avon Skin-so-Soft products or completely unscented soaps, hair, teeth and all and then apply more Skin-so-Soft spray/lotion or an additional non-toxic bug repellent afterwards. Then dressed fully covered up. I camp enough that purchasing product just for camping isn’t overkill, however if your going to bath in your normal products simply covering up and applying a deterrent to face hears, hands and shoes is going to help greatly. Actually you can do all the bug lotions early evening before you take a bath so that you can wash it all off before bed. Most bugs come out at dawn and dusk and are gone when the sun is down.

Sawyer Insect Bite and Sting Extractor Kit can effectively remove most insect venom for about $20 

have been stung several times and it isn't fun. You can expect more aggressive bees/wasp the more we get into fall. This is because their protein and food source is dwindling. In most cases a bee or wasp sting ranges from a mild to painful and simply an annoying reaction. To treat this kind of a sting you can do a few things. 

Here are some general tips on Bees/Wasps:
  • Cold compress rather than direct ice
  • Vinegar, honey or meat tenderizer on bite until you can get something stronger
  • Wasp and Bee stings have different venom 
  • Antihistamine internally like Benadryl for mild symptoms 
  • Bounce dryer sheets as detouring
  • Children's Benadryl especially  if your child hasn't been stung and you don't how it will react, this would be a temp. measure if your child was allergic. See last tip
  • Bring an Epi-PenTM or Ana-Guard Sting KitTM to carry with you at all times if your allergic
  • Make sure to have some form of itch relief like Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Relief Stick (for on top of your sting) in your first aid as they are VERY uncomfortable without it
  • If you faint, have difficulty breathing, swelling and or blockage to throat within 30 minutes to 4 hours of being stung then you will need IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION
  • Applying charcoal or baking soda compost will absorb some of the venom 


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