Camping Recipes


QUICHE: Make any quiche the night before. Go veggie or make a red grilled potato, bacon, cheese quiche. Remove from baking dish or bake in disposable, wrap in foil. Throw it on the grill in wrapping or unwrap and place on gridle and you have a hot, yummy, easy, home made breakfast. Serve with a side of fruit.

FRENCH TOAST W/ BERRIES & MAPLE SAUSAGE: Scrabble your eggs with a bit of milk, pinch of salt, vanilla, orange zest or flavor and soak slices of your favorite bread. Sear both sides on high heat, just enough to seal and make a lightly browned color.  Wrap in wax paper and put into freeze in air tight container. At the campsite simply take out, cook on medium both sides. Top off with berries, walnuts, greek yogurt and a side of nitrate free maple sausage.

HEARTY HEALTHY PANCAKES: Toasted almond slivers, almond extract are added to my pre mixed or store bought whole wheat pancakes that are mixed with yogurt and soy milk to make a pancake mixture more liquid. After grilling pancakes I top with Greek maple yogurt and berries. These are ingredients that I use for other camping meals.

HIPPIE BREAKFAST CERIAL: Plain single serve Greek yogurt over granola with mixed berries on top. You could add honey or do milk. Either way this is a simple and very tasty breakfast or snack. I esp. like this the day were planning on packing up so we don't have kitchen clean up.

DINNER lot's of garlic recipes

ROASTED BANGERS: I love "Adel's" precooked sausage, no nitrates and ready to go. Stick sausage on a stick and roast over the fire and serve with a side dish like baked potatoes or marinated squash the same way. This dinner is really good on the first night of camping or any time you’re in a crunch for time to make dinner. I like to run a line of dijon mustard down the middle and eat off the stick.

STEAK AND GARLIC PASTA: OHHHH soooo flippen good. Angel hair pasta with allot of chopped garlic sautéed in a good amount of olive oil, throw on top of pasta and add dash of sea salt or feta and serve with a perfect steak grilled on an open fire. Add sliced tomatoes with vinegar and oil and oh no don't forget the red wine.

SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS: Pre cook the meatballs, and freeze them in a tight plastic container. Then at the campsite I use either a homemade or jar sauce and add my highly seasoned meatballs.

GARLIC BREAD: Prepare this at home and freeze: Take a baguette and cut lengthwise to make two halves. With your favorite garlic spread or chopped garlic, salt and butter/olive oil whatever you like. Spread on both halves and place halves together. Wrap in wax paper and then foil and then plastic wrap and freeze. To cook take off plastic and place on coals to reheat for a bout 5-10 minutes. When you open it you will have a soft, garlicky yummy delight to go with any meal.

GARLIC MASHED POTATOES: Boil or steam cut potatoes (red or gold are nice) set aside. Satay at least three minced garlic cloves in butter & or olive oil. Add potatoes and cream/milk and mash or stir till creamy. Salt & pepper to taste.

CORN BREAD: Prepare cornbread mix according to direction on package or from scratch at home (you can add rosemary, peppers, cheese to take up a notch) into a well greased PIE IRON cooker, fill cavity about one third with mix. Close, latch handles and bakes over very low heat until done. See site for more recipes.

ROME'S PANINI PRESS: Panini can vary from the simple prosciutto, mozzarella & tomato to more complex recipes that involve prep cooking such as chicken breast with roasted red peppers and pesto mayonnaise (remember that all uncooked meat such as chicken must be precooked before using in a sandwich.) The diversity in ingredients, experimentation and creativity used in conjunction with such a simple cooking device is what makes using a Panini Press so fulfilling. SEE ROME'S SITE for more info.

BRAGG'S SALAD DRESSING: Excellent camp food. It doesn't need to be refrigerated. Good for a marinade as well as salad dressing or sandwich topping. Found at health food store, two flavors.

JIFFY POP POPCORN: The kids love to make it and eat it. So do the adults. Jiffy Pop takes me back to when I was a kid. I know it's not healthy but you gotta live a little.

SMORES: LU Dark Chocolate Cookies (see picture below) add a roasted marshmallow and you have a gourmet smoore. It taste better to me because you don't have a hunk of chocolate too thick to deal with. Served with a side of wet wipes.

CAMP ICE CREAM: Sliced bananas topped with walnuts or almonds and a bit of 1/2 n' 1/2 or heavy cream poured on top. Don't mind the calories it's less than real ice cream.

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