Writing Opportunity

Would you be interested in writing a post for Camping In Style? If so I would feel privileged to post it. You need not be an experienced writer but if you are that great too. Here are a few ideas.
  • A story with a twist of fate
  • A story where something magical happened
  • Your camping experience
  • What you learned on a camp trip
  • A campsite or campground review
  • A pet story that has to do with the outdoors
  • Hiking story
  • How you Glamp or Camp In Style
  • A story about your family and camping
You get the idea. Something related to the Blogger.

Email your story and one or more images to chasecreative@yahoo.com. I cannot guarantee your post will be posted. However if it's appropriate it likely it will be. Images need to be of the writer and have permission from any other people within it to be posted. 

I look forward to reading your post and thank you so much for sharing your story with me.



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