Spring Feaver Mind Drift

Is it time yet? Should we get into the garage and start going through the camping gear. Can we make a list of the gear we have, need and want....................... yet? 

OK close your eyes now, i m a g i n  with me for a minute...........

The sun is starting it's upward journey, you feel the sun begin to kiss your shoulders, not too hot just a reminder of how long it's been since you felt your skin bathed in vitamin K. Your taking in the moment when when you hear...

"M o m   can I have a marshmallow yet!"
"Sweetheart" you say " it's only 8am"

Your kid then goes into the tent for the next hour while your morning joe is peculating bubbles of fresh ground Italian roast before your eyes. You grasp your cup like a long lost jewel and sip it by the morning fire. It's quiet, it's cozy and you don't have to do laundry, answer the phone or rush your kid off to school, you open a trashy magazine or thoughtful book and all worries are gone.................... you have just rekindled your love affair with camping!

Here's to joyful thoughts about camping. 


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