Glamping TIP: Milk Crate Side Table

Glamp up your tent with a MILK CRATE SIDE TABLE:

  • Pack what your going to use in your tent inside the crate
  • Flash lights or lantern
  • Reading books or magazines 
  • Reading glasses
  • Book light
  • Box of tissue
  • Empty small tissue box for trash
  • Vintage cloth to cover
  • Stainless steal water bottle
  • Slipper Socks

After you set up your tent turn the crate on it's side, cover with the cloth and use open side to store you belongings. Ready to go camping tip # 102543.



Eric said…
Great tip. Anything that can be used as storage as well as a table works for me.

Like your blog a lot!
Cathy said…
while reading your posts, I am always curious what type of vehicle you drive? I'm thinking Hummer :)
Ruth said…
Cathy you make me laugh, here is a link to my care

For me it's about simple and practical camping with GREAT food, comfort and a few good ideas to make it work.

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