FREE Apps For Campers - Part One

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Free Camping Apps
In the Iphone and Android era there is much to explore using our phones/mini computers as a Camping In Style tool. I recently purchased an Iphone and it has been a love affair since. Here are a few apps I've tried. Please share your experiences too.  

FREE APP:  Coleman’s Cookout Cookbook and Meal Planner 

I actually surprised myself by liking this one. The choices of meals are good to great and the app allows you to plan with shopping list and directions for cooking right at the campsite. Check it out for sure.

FREE APP:  Bug Spray - Ultrasonic By Apptomic LLC

Ok the ratings are not high on this one. But just to be curios I'm going to try it. It claims to have a high frequency tone that has an effect of repelling insects. RIGHT?

Customer Reviews          
Hurts My Daughters Ears
by Mommy's itunes account
Be Careful! My 8 year-old daughter cried when we made this app active. Some children can hear this and it really hurts. This may, very well, be an effective bug deflector, but please be careful if you have young children.
by troy calandra
When I pressed go my pet bug blew up and made a mess

FREE APP: Let There be Light

I have this one and have used it several times over winter when we lost electricity. Wouldn't leave home without it. 

The App: Flashlight
The Details: Who knew that making shadow puppets with your smartphone could be so fun?  Also use this app to light your way to the potty for those late-night when nature calls moments. With multiple flashlight colors to choose from, how could you not want to light your path with this snazzy app.


Stings Attached

This one will be fun to use when we go camping for my daughter to use. Now that she's old enough to fallow the instructions. 
The App: Knots Free

The Details: No one likes a runaway campsite, so make sure all your tent and tarp strings are secured tightly to pegs and surrounding trees with this knotting app.


Be Like Survivorman
The App: SAS Survival Guide Lite
The Details: If your scout or girl guides lessons fail you when it counts, revert to the SAS Survival Guide to refresh your skookum survival skills. Remind yourself how to build a fire, navigate by the stars and send distress codes.

I have another post coming with many more apps. 



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