I took the Pledge @ Pategonia

There’s a reason that ‘recycling’ comes last in the mantra: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle.
Recycling is what we do when we're out of options to avoid, repair, or reuse the product first. That's why I am so impressed with Patagonia for starting its Common Threads Initiative with the real solution: Reduce. Don't buy what we don't need. Repair: Fix stuff that still has life in it. Reuse: Share. Then, only when you've exhausted those options, recycle.
– Annie Leonard, author of The Story of Stuff (taken from Patagonia website)

I felt the need to post this campaign by Patagonia. "Don't buy this Jacket" Link Here 
I'm not sure what I think. The cynic in me says "yeah right" you know you want us to. And the optimist says "Even if they want us to why not do both at least it's a better message then, over consume" 
Most of us grew up making due with what we had because consumerism wasn't as popular as it is now or at least was a few years ago. I really like Patagonia products yet often they are out of my budget so I don't buy much. I live by the mantra buy quality = buy less STUFF.

With much reluctance I joined the pledge. I don't like joining groups but what the heck............................ Here is the pledge...
Join us. Become a partner in the Common Threads Initiative
____I'd like to become a partner in the Common Threads Initiative to reduce excess consumption and give the planet's vital systems a rest from pollution, resource depletion and greenhouse gases.

____Patagonia agrees to build useful things that last, to repair what breaks and recycle what comes to the end of its useful life.

____I agree to buy only what I need (and will last), repair what breaks, reuse (share) what I no longer need and recycle everything else.
What do you think about this? 


Moira said…
I saw that ad at the top of the New York Times a few days ago. The cynic in me wouldn't even click on it. So thank you for sharing it. I think it's an interesting "reframing" of trying to market goods. And it makes me think about the products that do last and how much I appreciate them (as opposed to the K-Mart sweaters that don't last a single washing). I like the idea. I also like the LL Bean ads I've been seeing on tv featuring well made products made in Maine.
Ruth said…
I have to give a disclaimer, I was in Reno at my friends house and she works for Patagonia in the offices. I was struck by her belief in the companies genuineness and their efforts to have a real concern for the environment.

Don't we want our corporations to try to care, to have to care because the public wants companies that care?

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