Where you camp DOES matter. Don't just call up and pick any 'ol site. Unless of course your using your incredable inner guide that has a history of picking out the best locals on a whim.

A few things to consider:

  • Call the Park Ranger ahead of time and ask them what sites they like base on your interest, close to water, quiet, shady etc... 
  • How far do you want to drive. Then circle around your area aprox. 35/50 miles X hours you want to travel. Or go to Reserve America and work from that site.
  • How many amenities do you want. Shower? Toilet? Water to Swim?None?
  • Sometimes on the campground map you can see how far the sites are from each other(not always true) so pick something with space around it.
  • Choose a space away from the bathroom or you will see allot of foot traffic through your site or see a bright light all night.
  • Unless your camping with a group avoid sites from the inner sections as they back up to other sites and can be cramped. While the outter rim sites often back up to the woods. 
  • I LOVE the books written by Tom Stienstra, he rates campgrounds. Two things to remember with his books. One he loves to fish and may rate a 10 site based on a few different requirements than you or I. And he only rates the overall campground so while the location may rate a 10 at it's best site many if not most of the other sites could easily be a 3 or 4 at best. However his books are a GREAT place to start. And I found quite a few 7’s for him are a 10 for me and visa vera. I try to go to 7’s and above.
  • See RCR Ruth's Campsite Ratings on this blogg for best site numbers at the parks I've been to.
  • I like State Parks and Parks that say they abide by the "quiet time". Mostly because these parks will have less of the "party" all night crowd. You may know the type that plays horrid music loudly as if everyone else wants to hear it too. Then comes the hoot and hallars. I like to see someone who works there come by and check out the campground. 
  • You are also going to want to pay attention to how many cars are allowed and the additional charge for extras.
  • Dog fees and rules. Be sure to ask where your dog IS allowed. See Dogs in this Blogg.
  • If you have a young kid you may want to find a park with a playground?
  • Reservations at some of the most popular sites begin on the first day 7 months prior. 
  • To make reservation at most parks in the USA go to http://www.reserveamerica.com/ 
  • Here is a site that has some park ratings online  http://camprate.com/
Camping Books To Help Listed Below
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