This is a list of some EXCELLENT camping books. The first three are in my library and answer all the questions you will have about car camping and more.

The rest are also excellent and may be more suited to your specific STYLE of camping. At the very bottom I have attached the books through Amazon for you to review for yourself.

  1. First off you will NEED a book by Tom Stienstra for your area/state or "The Best In Tent Camping" by Cindy Coloma & Bill Mai. Both of these authors give you camp ground ratings and are a great starting place for planning.
  2. Next IF your really new to camping, "Camping in Comfort" by Lynn Haney will give you all the basic information you need to decide what type of camping you want to do and what equipment you will need to make it happen. This is a great "overall" book that is easy to read and not very big.

Would You?: Questions to Challenge Your Beliefs by Evelyn McFarlane, James Saywel
Babes in the Woods: Hiking, Camping & Boating with Babies and Young Children by Jennifer Aist
If... (Questions For The Game of Life) by Evelyn McFarlane, James Saywell
Camp Cooking 100 Years by National Museum Of Forest Service History

Birds, Nests & Eggs by Mel Boring
Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids' Guide by Lynn Brunelle
Where Do Stars Come From, Nana? by Tina Perry
Kids Campfire Book, Official Book of Campfire Fun by Jane Drake, Ann Love
Kids Book of the Night Sky, by Ann Love, Jane Drake
The Kids' Summer Handbook by Ann Love, Jane Drake
Curious George Goes Camping by Margret Rey and H. A. Rey
S Is for S'mores: A Camping Alphabet by Helen Foster James and Lita Judge
A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen
About Birds: A Guide for Children by Cathryn P. Sill
Nature's Art Box by Laura C. Martin
How to Be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith 
How to Build Treehouse, Huts and Forts by David Stiles
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Backyard Adventures by Nancy Worrell
Go Wild!: 101 Things to Do Outdoors Before You Grow Up by Fiona Dank


updated 6/24/10


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