Going Camping In Tahoe

The car is packed and the cooler ready to load. It's 6 am and I'm up to take care of the last details to make our trip wonderful.

House straightened
Clean hamster cage
Perishable food in fridge is out
Plants watered
Showered and dressed

This will be our longest camp trip yet, it's for five nights. Included in our trip other than the standard camping agenda is site seeing, dinning in local restaurants, shopping, wine tasting and even going to an outdoor concert for my birthday.

Just because were camping or "glamping light" doesn't mean we have to rough it all the way. Sure hiking, biking and roasting marshmallows will be done but the beauty of a five day trip is enjoying more than just dirt and burgers.

Chow for now, with so much more to share when we come home,


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Marianne said…
Great story. Thanks for sharing it. I really liked hearing about camping trips. With all the nonsense topics occurring in the internet, I think this article is something we should be grateful of.
chasecreative said…
Marianne, thank you for your post. I do work hard to bring "hopefully" useful information about camping.

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