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Jul 15, 2010

Home From Camping

Lake Tahoe

A five day trip feels like your unpacking for longer than the trip. Especially when it's hot outside.

My daughter and I waring matching cloths, she's making a "FACE"

Laundry DONE
Dishes DONE
Piles Separated DONE
Coolers Rinsed DONE

My new coffee pot from REI, excellent!

Now I need to put it all back together in the bins, in a neat pile in the garage ready for camp trip number three for the year. That may not happen till just before my next trip in a few weeks.

Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay

No need to sort through photos, I lost them all somehow! The Pict's I have here are from some of the 30 people who camped with us.

I'm opening bottles for our wine tasting

Early morning hair drying

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