Bearbox Cooler - Barb's Camping Tip

When I saw this I almost hit myself for not thinking of it first. Then I tried it and it worked SOOOOOO DAM GOOD that I did hit myself.

While camping at D.L. Bliss in Lake Tahoe, California,  I couldn't help but scope out the campers a few spaces down from me. Everything was so tidy, their gear was job specific and well designed and then "THE BEAR BOX COVER" like a beacon it stood out .

Barb. told me she has cut down on ice consumption considerably. That the material she uses can be found as foil insulation at a place like Low's or OSH and other hardware stores.

If you frequent a campground you can pre-make one of these covers (most campgrounds offer the bear box size or you can call) or just bring duct tape and scissors and create one on the spot. I found that making it so that the piece that covers the doors works great if it can fold up and rest on the bear box doors when it opens. I used my car insulation just to give it a try and it was amazing how well it worked.

Barb. also said she likes using the marine coolers as they are best insulated and with her tips she can go days without buying new ice.

Thank you so much Barb. for such a wonderful idea. Your campsite was inspirational as you brought only what you needed but didn't skimp on style or comfort. Happy Camping !

And what do you think about this?


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