Kids Hiking Story

I remember hiking a simple hike in Yosemite. I stopped to take a rest and a drink of water. Up came an enthusiastic man who was probably newly married to the woman behind him who was dragging her young (10yr old) daughter behind her who was complaining that she didn't want to hike anymore, she was tiered etc.... The woman belted out to her daughter "your going to hike and your going to like it!"

I sat front row of this display and thought so many thoughts. First being that it was a sure thing that that girl was not going to "like" it and probably not her new stepfather either for that matter.

Children though naturals to the outdoors are not always into the hiking in the same "get it done" manor that we adults can be. A pic nic, magnifying glass and shorter hikes may be all they are up to? So stop and smell the roses and remember to read your child's body language. Incorporate other activities, make the journey shorter or the destination fun and enticing.

I would never tell my five year old were hiking, I just say were checking something out or exploring and begin walking. Stopping along the way with a pad of paper to draw what we see, take notes and a camera. 

What are your thoughts



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