I’m a Mom in my late 40’s with a daughter who is eight. I started camping with ADR when she was 3 months old. ADR tends to like calm environments and up to the age of four she was rather fussy and clingy. Now she is eight and she loves camping, but it didn't start out that way. 

This post is about camping with young kids as I see it. Simply edit the information based on your needs. 

Basically I feel camping is a highly rewarding and educational activity for children. The more you like it the more they will too. I love camping with ADR so much and she has taken to it with much interest and enthusiasm. But it didn’t start out that way………………….


Start with these questions?  
1- Know your child regardless of what others say about "Camping With Kids".

2- How many people are you camping with that will be helpfull?

3- How comfortable is your child outside or in new environments?

4- Does you child get overwhelmed or over stimulated by new people, things or locations? 

5- How comfortable do you feel when you’re in public with an upset child? 

6- How did you feel about camping when you were a kid? 

7- How do you feel about camping now? 

8- Can you throw caution to the wind and have an adventure?
9- How many kids or dogs will you be keeping track of? 

10- How patient are you?
LASTLY- If your only job is to watch your child would you be comfortable with that while watching others tend to the camping tasks?

Answering these questions can give you a good idea on what your up against. They can also bring awareness to places you may need to be more patient with yourself and others. If your camping with a group of thoughtful helpers then you will be fine. If your a type A personality like myself with no helpers you may have to be creative with how you approach your trip - and yes that is why I started this blog.


I loved camping with my kids when they were little! And it gets even better as they get older.

Great post!
Eric said…
Great post. I brought my oldest son when he was 6 and it was a walk in the park. My youngest I took when he was two and that was a bit more challenging, however we rented a cabin for my wife and the 2-year old while my oldest and I slept in the tent. This hybrid solution worked for everyone.
chasecreative said…
Your hybrid idea was brilliant. Obv. not your first kid or camp trip. I know many woman have a hard time w/ the crying of children in a public space that you can't escape. I know I did. Though I look back and think how silly. Thanks for your comment, this is a new blogger and I'm having a blast dumping my camp info out of my head. Feel free to sign up for email posts if you haven't allready
Marc said…
Great post! The one point that seemed to come through is that, regardless of age, if you are going to take your child(ren) camping with you, it needs to be about them to be successful. Not that they can't participate in different activities, but you need to pay attention to how they are doing and what they want to do: before, during, and after the trip!
chasecreative said…
Thanks Marc,

Yes knowing your child AND knowing and giving yourself empathy. Allowing camping with kids to be what it's going to be. Just dealing with being in public w/ a fussy child can be a time to be gentle with yourself as well. Little kids can go with the flow or resist anything new, that's the mystery & the challenge of going out of our boxes and having an adventure aye?
Roberta said…
I love camping with my kids especially when they were little. I am always touch with families going out camping together. The kids are having so much fun and by just looking at them smiling are killing me. I missed my kids being a baby and I missed their company too.
chasecreative said…
I was just talking with my girlfriend about how hard it can be camping with children. But the memories are worth every bit of it.

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