Another Power Outage Camping

Day two another power outage. This time is going to be different. It appears that my husband has been slow to inform me on just how much we can plug into our generator. Today I will go for the internet and the sewing machine. Its Vegas baby.

Our neighbor says it's been 30 years since it's snowed this much. The town mostly closed down yesterday.

With a food plan and my new knowledge about the generator, I may have to say " I am Camping In Style "



Sue said…
Can you imagine winter camping? I think it's one of my long term goals, but I need someone to teach me how - and a back up cabin!
Ruth said…
Sue love your posts. I would LOVE! to winter camp. I think I should post some picts and look into what it takes to winter camp. A back up cabin sounds like a good idea.

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