Power Outage Is NOT Camping In Style

Twice this winter we have had several days without power. Over Thanks Giving we went the entire week with the power being restored the day after all of our big plans.

 Trying to Camp In Style with "generator toast"

Three days into it I'm thinking "Ruth your one girl who loves camping" making the best of it. While watching my friends without power come unglued I remained inspired to Camp In Style. But on that fourth day ................................. I more than came unglued. I won't bore you with all the details of managing a house in the snow you can't drive to, with no power, no phone, one small propane fireplace that keeps a tiny area of the house at 53 tops, with a 5 yr old, a husband out of town and a small generator located around back and down a slope to use for one item at a time.  

Our generator

I lost my cool, cried, freaked out and then was totally disappointed in myself for being a bad girl scout.
  PG&E vehicle to get to remote downed poles

Then I reasoned it like this. 
  • Camping is planned, meals and intentions
  • Camping you prepare for the weather and whatever discomforts you may endure
  • Camping is with other people usually
  • Camping is in the Summer when the sun goes down later in the day
  • Camping is Camping and loosing your power is (&$@!$%^**&%^%$
 PG&E power poles day 5


Sue said…
C'mon, summer! We're all sick of this winter already. I would have been stressed out too - just the 5 year old would have been enough!
Elaine Coombs said…
Ah, Ruth! I think you did pretty well. Good point that camping is planned and power outage is not... Hmm, maybe you can work on some power outage planning for next time? I don't know what that would entail but I'm sure you could come up with a stash of some things to use in case of the next 'no power' moments. ~ Elaine
Ruth said…
I love your comments.

Elaine the only thing that I think would help isn't legal, if you know what I mean. So I try to cook and prep dinner at 4pm and make it cocktail hour to take the "what if" out of the "I hope not" "if you know what I mean"

Sue most days having a child feels like I've lost my power.

Their expecting 33" in a 24 hour period starting tomorrow afternoon. Where we live that's allot of snow.

* rent dvd
* charge all batteries
* charge cell phone and laptop
* gas up the car
* gas up the generator
* break out the candles
* break out the land line
* pray
* plan meals ahead of time
* run dishwasher
* laundry
* stock wine cabinet and coffee

pray, stay inspired and dress warm

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