Colman Tent - Do I love it?

Last night in only ten minutes my soon to be six year old daughter and I put up the new tent in our living room. 

Set up in our living room, looking into front of tent

Screened 4-person Evanston Tent
  • I love the color
  • I love the size
  • I love the screened second space
  • I love the height
  • I love the open mesh to see the stars
  • I love this tent
  • I love the price
After looking online at all the tents in it's class it appears that the price of under $60 is a crazy good deal.

This tent will be perfect for light camping, short trips and two person + dog camping.

Looking overhead, saggy because no steaks, notice the TP already inside, side flaps zip up

I purchased this tent at this Cosco for $56. They do not show it online however. Here are few other places I found it.

Oh and theirs nothing wrong with it. It's absolutely fabulous!


Paul Smith said…
I prefer to use the Coleman tent.

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