On my visit to the Bay Area (Northern Calif) I stopped into Costco. Their she was, hanging up in isle three..................... a four person tent with screened porch for $56. Fits a queen bed plus extra space and a small area screened in for cloths and "The Dog!"
I can't wait to put it up in the house to try it out. This picture was the best I could find for now. 
Costco online isn't showing the tent I bought. But in looking around the price is amazing or something is wrong with it, I'll let you know. It says 15min. to put together..........hummmm?


Last time we went camping was last May. It rain so hard and our tent leaked so much that on our way out of the campgrounds we pitched the tent. So now we're in the market again and more pickie about the quality.
Ruth said…
So are you saying you got the instant tent or are you advertising?

If your advertising just speak up, I'm happy to have you write a post and do it right.

As far as quality I agree. However with our camping months we have never had rain.

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