Bear Safety When Camping

Bear Country Precautions

●    Keep a close watch on children and teach them what to do if they encounter a bear.
●    While hiking, make noise to avoid a surprise encounter with a bear.
●    Never keep food, gum, wet wipes etc...  in your tent.
●    Store food and toiletries in bear-proof containers or in an airtight container in the trunk of your vehicle. ONLY IF there is no bear box. Bears WILL break into cars. 
●    Keep a clean camp by cleaning up and storing food and garbage immediately after meals.
●    Use bear-proof garbage cans whenever possible or store your garbage in a secure location with your food.
●    Don't bury or burn excess food; bears will still be attracted to the residual smell.
●    Garbage should be packed out of camp if no trash receptacles are available.
●    Never approach a bear or pick up a bear cub, never go near a cub EVER. 
●    Do not attempt to attract a bear to your location; observe the animal and take pictures from afar.
●    If you encounter a bear, do not run; instead, face the animal, make noise and try to appear as large as possible.
●    If attacked, fight back.
●    If a bear harms a person in any way, immediately call 911. 


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