TIP: Basket for Table

TO END OUR MONTH OF FOOD AND CAMPING - May will be Camping and Children
I am re-posting this camping tip:

ast year I got tiered of digging in the bear box every time I wanted to eat, drink or just grab a napkin.
I tried this, I used a basket with a handle at loaded it with:
  • Paper plates
  • Napkins/Paper towel roll (used size so it's smaller)
  • Paper cups
  • Dixy cups for kids or little sip of something
  • Unscented wet wipes
  • Small plastic bin with eating utensils next to basket
  • Use a dishtowel to cover top when not in use
  • Don't forget to bring a table cloth
OMGoodness this was the best idea ever. Now it's ready to go, doesn't need to be in bear box. (unscented wet wipes opt.) and one less thing to dig for. I found mine at the thrift shore. Make sure it has a handle and is open on top to allow for the plates to stand up. I listed a few baskets below to show you the types that I think work. Of course if your using real plates then find a basket to hold the size of your ware.

Oh yes and the basket looks super cute too. Glamps things up a bit you know. Heck pick some greens, flowers or just pickup a few pine cones or rocks and add them to the table and your lookin' smart!



Sue said…
Hi! I found you through FB. I love this tip - it's simple, but so sensible... why didn't I think of this??? :)
chasecreative said…
Sue I just posted picture I found of the basket and how ours turns out.

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