Campfire Cafe For Outdoor Cooking

Campfire Cafe is a TV program that shows how to cook gourmet over the open fire. From their website you can watch their shows, find recipes and lots of cooking ideas including how to set up cowboy cookware etc...

This is something you can do in your backyard or simplify it for a campsite. They even show you how to build a fire ring.

Most of the recipes are just like cooking at home but using the open fire for your heat source.

I found this site to be great for teaching me how to use and care for cast iron and how to get the temperature just right from an open fire. Also how to make cakes and other tricks to cooking over the open fire.

Campfire Cafe Home
Cowboy Cookware And Set Up
Campfire Cafe Articles
Camping In Style Recipes

A few of the posts to fallow for our month long Camping Food Posts:
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  • Fun Finds


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