Retro Camp Kitchen

"Camp Cooking." Part of a collection of postcard images of Culver Academy copyrighted 1913, generously loaned the library by Martha Payson Ryman.

In the 1940's, cooking was very different than how it is today. People would often eat such foods as baked plums, frozen corn, carrots, pigeons, and bananas. The most common way to cook your food was by frying in grease and then freezing it overnight.
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Camp Cooking 100 Years $9.95
Jam-packed with over 100 years of history and cooking, this cook book is ideal for both the rustic retreat and camp

Coleman Stainless-Steel Cooler $220
Originally introduced in 1954

American Retro Classic Flying A Picnic Cooler $150
Replicas of the 1940's through 1950's all steel "six pack"
Limited edition

The Cozy Cruiser Classic Deluxe takes teardrop camp trailers to a new level


Sue said…
That tear drop camper is adorable! :D
chasecreative said…
I am loving that camper too. So retro and all you need. With our travel trailer I didn't like cooking inside it, I like the outdoor kitchen with the extra tables. Only one bed too small for our family

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