8+ assorted colors felt squares
1 ball of yarn any color/black
1 bottle of tacky glue
1 pair of scissors
Paint, acrylic or tempera in red, yellow, blue & white only
1 black marker or enhance with whole package of assort. colors
Stack of white paper
1 paint brush
EXTRA IDEAS: needle thread for older kids, popsicle sticks, plastic eyes, pipe cleaners

1 Felt Finger Puppets
draw shape of finger on back of felt
draw figure shape outside of the finger line. Head, arm, legs
cut out shape
glue together just outside of finger line, enough to get your finger in
younger children can make a simple sun or flower shape instead
decorate outside with eyes etc... and use yarn for hair

2 Pine Cone Critters
collect 1 pine cone and assorted smaller rocks, sticks, acorns, pine needles etc..
glue eyes, ears, feet to make critter
use felt to make ears & decorations
use cut yarn to make hair or braided tail

3 Sick Bugs
Collect sticks of different sized
glue eyes from felt
glue smaller stick for legs

4 Rock Pals
collect smooth rocks
paint or glue felt for face
paint body to be a ladybug
paint face to be cat and add felt ears

5 Build Fairy House
collect bark, small sticks and leaves
glue together to make a small house
when it dries add more or decorate

6 Tic Tac Toe
cut a 4"x4" or bigger square
draw lines cross lines on square
cut strips of contrasting color
glue on top of lines
find 10 rocks and paint 5 each in different colors

7 Nature Painting
collect 5 or more things that are different from nature
pour red, blue, yellow paint on plate
have paper towels available
use pine needles, feather, rock etc.. to paint on paper

8 Nature Prints
collect leaves and other flat items from nature
paint one side with paint
place one piece of paper in front of you
lay face down the painted item onto paper
lay another piece of paper on top and rub with your hands
lift paper and painted items to see imprint

9 Wooden Adventure Boat
collect several pieces of bark about the size of adult hand
cut, tear or break 2 pieces into about 4"x 2"
cut, tear or break 2 pieces into 1" squares
glue, let dry and glue seams again and let dry
make any size or shape the wood determines it to be
it won't last forever in water but could be fun to use as a car as well
glue pretend wheels on sides with cut out felt

10 Felt People
just like finger puppets but larger and glued together without a hole
decorate with marker eyes, yarn hair
use in wooden boat or fairy house
add wings to be a fairy


chasecreative said…
What kind of art and projects do you do with your kids when you camp?

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