First Camptrip Of The Year!

It's a done deal and I couldn't be more thrilled. I booked our first camp trip of the year yesterday.

Scott's Flat, Grass Valley, CA site GV9 for three nights. Sure Adrienne's going to miss her last week of school, but it's only Pre-K after all and this family has it's priorities, you know what I mean. 
Not to mention it was the ONLY time slot left till September.

So remember if you want to camp in the best sites don't wait to long or there will be nothing left because all the early birds will have booked them in advance. All the pictures here are of Scott's Flat Last Year 2009.

Now it's time to start doing the planning:
Set cloths aside
Pack the dogs bag
Check out camp stove to see if it's working
Dust off the gear and pull it off the shelf to see what I have
Make a list of meals hummm what will it be this trip?
Look for sales on item I need


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