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Let's start out this months "Camping With Children" playing games that inspire them to be outdoors. We have Camp and Wildcraft and both of these games teach while having fun learning about nature and the outdoors. If you have any games you love playing do write a "comment" at the end of this post.
Celebrate your love of the outdoors—even while playing cribbage! Complete with pegs stored in the cabin, this amazingly detailed cribbage board captures the essence of outdoor fun.

CAMP:  $25 

4 levels of play for all age groups—start with easy questions and work your way up to more advanced questions as your knowledge of the outdoors increases 


This Popular Playthings brain teaser is an entertaining challenge and a great gift idea for novice campers and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Three treasures are hidden under twelve trees. Players start in the village and roll the die to move one turn at a time in pursuit of the hidden goods. After finding the first treasure, the players roll their way to the kings castle to disclose that treasures location. If correct, the player moves on to find and reveal the next treasure. If not, back to the village they go to start all over. 


An Herbal Adventure Game. Thoughtfully developed by herbalists, this cooperative game does more than teach botany: it also supports compassion and kindness. Help each other pick fruit and get everyone back to Grandma’s house safe and sound. Watch out for treacherous creeks that slide your marker back.


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