Gear IDEAS For Camping With Little Ones

This Month were talking about Camping With Children. We start by looking at a few items that could make your trip flow better.
Without overdoing it or bringing too much but rather packing just the right items to make your trip flow better.

Koko Tree
A plastic woven matt provides a place for little ones to crawl on and play. It's easy to shake out, lightweight and can be used outside as well as in a larger tent. Especially good for little kids who do floor play at home.

Inglesina Swift Stroller
A stroller can be used at most campgrounds for strolling around. Weather you use it to put your child to sleep or give you a break from holding, taking a walk or having a place to sit your child for a snack this is a great addition to camping gear for little one.

Ergo Baby Carrier
For me the was the most used piece of equipment I owned. This brand is an Ergo Baby Carrier however their are many other brands you can choose from. I wore Adrienne like a second skin for all our camping trips until she was three. In fact this was incredible at the airport as well.

Soft N Play Playpen by Sorelle
If your child does well in a play pen then bring it. If your child is going to cry to get out then maybe this won't work. However don't pass this item up as acceptable camp gear. Some people like a play pen for a place to put your child to sleep.

Glow and Go Nursery Monitor by Safety 1st
Using a monitor is peace of mind. My daughter didn't do well waking up in an unfamiliar place so we used a monitor whenever she was sleeping in the tent. Make sure the batteries are good and bring a few extras just in case.

Tushies Wipes
What can I say, you can not bring enough wet wipes. Try to stay with the unscented type as not to attract any insects. And don't leave them in your tent. For children or adults wet wipes are a campers luxury.

Some kind of slip on boot or shoe to keep your little ones feet warm and clean, something easy for them to put on themselves when they wake up. I like the soft fuzzy boots that you don't have to ware socks. Another alternative is the rubber clog with fleece/fuzzy liner. These are in addition to the day shoes they would be waring.

It goes without saying that a full coverage hat for your child is absolutely necessary, weather they ware it or not is another thing. Make sure it's light and is comfortable or a color that inspires them.

Aubrey Organics
Don't forget the sunscreen! we don't want a sunburned baby!

A good quality no spill cup is a must here as well as in every day life with a baby or young child.I like this brand because it's stainless steel inside.

Footed Sleepwear
Hatley Steel Moose
For as long as they will ware them the classic footed sleepwear for over PJ's in the morning or for sleeping are great. they are easy to put on and keep your child clean and warm. Fleece works better as far as resisting dirt and dust and keeping them warm. Also if you have a pair of Ugg type boots are a tad bit big they can just slide into them with these PJ's and be ready to go for morning and evening comfort.

Hat & Mittens
Cozze Critter
Again most places can be quite cold in the mornings and evenings. A warm hat and mittens will keep your child comfortable.

Camp Chair
Apex Double Chair
Don't forget the camp chair. I like the double seat for two reasons. One it is more stable and two it has room for my daughters "STUFF". She can have her doll sit next to her etc....

Sand Toys
Green Toys
This is a must for most kids. It may only go as far as the campsite dirt but it will be enjoyed just like at the park. If you go to the beach then it goes without saying. Otherwise if it's cars and trucks bring them instead.


Gear Guide said…
Thanks for including Little Mountain Outfitters in your resources list! We've got lots of great outdoor gear for kids and active families. We hope you and your readers will visit our website or our store in Boulder, CO.
Belinda said…
You sure have spent time in constructing such an informative blog right here. I appreciate it a lot. You have presented a wide variety of kids stuff and I like it a lot especially the blue carrier.
chasecreative said…
Thank you Belinda, yes the eurgo carrier is the BEST by far

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