What IS GLAMPing

Glamping: Glamorous Camping 

Written by Andrew  2007

The other day, I woke up in the middle of the night to my TV blaring in the background. With one eye open, I didn't know if I was dreaming or not when I saw a news story on what is called "Glamping". Basically, it stands for "Glamorous Camping", and can be associated with an expensive camping experience, such as silk lined tents filled with amenities that far exceed anything most campers have ever seen. Apparently, glamping is becoming more and more popular in England, and making it's way over to the US. I look forward to seeing Camping Reviews at CampRate.com from people like those on the news story who said $10,000 to $40,000 for a camping trip is very affordable. Glamping looks interesting, but I guess I'll stick with my garage sale tent for now.

Comment by Ruth Chase  

As you can see this article was written in 2007............... ah duh in 2007 it was easier to think of spending more money on vacations. These days camping gives us an affordable vacation during a time when most of us are penny pinching. However bringing some of the comforts from home to glamp up our campsites is me all the way. I love camping in comfort.

What do you bring camping to take it up a notch? DO TELL



Anonymous said…
Looks like a lot of heavy furniture to haul around!
chasecreative said…
Yes for sure it does seem like allot of STUFF, but it is inspiring to think about how to glamp up a standard campsite with not much more.
Marc said…
The best way to glamp up a campsite is a with a comfortable camp chair positioned perfectly in front of a great campfire on a moonless night so you can occasionally let your mind wander to the amazement of the outdoors and universe while gazing at all of the stars. After that, I'd guess you would have to move up to one of those $90,000 RV's you see on HGTV, with all the comforts of home (or more, if your home is like mine!).
chasecreative said…
Marc that is what camping is all about... "The starts at night, shine big and bright......" sorry I just had to divert to a little diddy. Anywho I couldn't agree more a comfy chair is worth it's weight even if it's not heavy. One of my favorite tricks is using a milk crate that I pack stuff in and then turning it on it's side to use to put stuff on in the tent, like a good book and reading glasses or my coffee as well. Glamping to me is a good book, coffee in bed with crisp air and the yackin' birds in the back ground.
yurt holidays said…
Glamping, ecotravel and yurt holidays etc are the way forward as we try to be more in tune with nature and live more sustainably.
chasecreative said…
Yert People I do believe I have a link to your site, could you post it so I know for sure. On the lower right side of the page I have Glamping sites. Is yours there?
Send hampers said…
A bit of "Glamping" can't hurt - after all, there are only so many mornings that one can wake up damp and cold in a field in Wales before craving something a little more special without losing the outdoor feel altogether.
chasecreative said…
"Send Hampers" are you writing from Whales, that would be great to hear from someone that far away.
Either way I like to camp and I want great coffee, great food and as much comfort as I can have without rebuilding a house. Surprisingly I don't bring as much as people would think. I just bring the comforts that take it up a notch.
luxury camping said…
And 3 or what 4 years on, glamping, luxury camping, etc has become quite a trend, with yurt sites, tipees, and luxurious settings popping up all over the globe. I'm looking forward to see what other innovations arrive.
Steve Millar said…
Just thought I'd point to towards my 'Hobbit houses'.

They can be seen at www.microlodge.co.uk

Luxury Camping said…
Such a lovely place! Entices me to try it out. I would definitely enjoy my luxury camping stay here
Ruth said…
I'm happy to have either of you do a write up on your places. Please send your write up and images to chasecreative@yahoo.com


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