First Camptrip Of The Year

OK I'm half packed this morning and ready to go camping. This will be our first trip this year. Were going local to a water front and fully shaded site for three nights.

The first trip of the year is always the most tedious. Checking camp gear. I had to get my camp stove fixed, thanks to Greg I didn't have to pay. Nice to have good friends. Rearrange a few things from what didn't work so well last year and pack a few new item I purchased and changed this year. Including:

  • A fan to see if a little white noise will help with sleep
  • A $3 thrift store metal camp table or chair depending on how I use it or if I do
  • A milk crate to use as a side table in the tent
  • And a dog bed I made from an old self inflating camp mat folded in half and pushed into a fuzzy fabric case I sewed, lucky dog
  • Putting our cloths in a laundry basket. My Mother In Law used to travel that way across country with Buddy her husband. I thought it was an idea worth trying. Heck it's all going back into the laundry when I get home
  • Using a big plastic bin that we don't use for wood......... hummm might work
  • Lastly I added a few clear plastic bins to keep organized and labeled them too

We will be back soon and posting away I'm sure...........................................................


Marc said…
Have a great trip! I'm a big fan of using the plastic bins to organize gear: one for kitchen items, one for wood, etc. You are right too, the first trip always takes the most prep time, but its usually one of the most satisfying, reconnecting with nature and all. Especially after a long winter.

Good idea with the laundry basket too!
chasecreative said…
Well Marc the laundry basket didn't pan out to be a good idea. But the bins are always good. Now all my gear is out, packed and ready to go for the next trip

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