Glamping vs. Camping by Gina Chen

Photo From Gone Glamping By The National Post

 I found this post last year and thought it perfect to share with you:

Glamping vs. Camping: Which camp are you in?

By Gina Chen

June 11, 2007
A friend passed along this link to me, and I just had to share it with my virtual friends. It's about "glamping" -- glamour camping.
It's camping without the hardship. Imagine -- China dishes, fluffy bedding, hand-rolled truffles. That's glamping
My question: Are you a glamper or a camper? 
As for me, I'm a camper convert. When my husband and I married nine years ago, I was an avowed non camper. Give me room service, heated towel racks and a fully stocked mini-bar, thank you very much.
I hated our first camping trip to Alexandria Bay for one night in a microscopic tent while I was pregnant with our first. I grew up near New York City, so the downstater in me just couldn't get past that idea that there was no lock on the tent. Plus I had morning sickness to beat the band.
But I have grown to love camping -- even when it rains. I love feeling like I don't have to put on makeup. I love how cozy I feel inside my sleeping bag when it's pouring outside. I love the feeling of relaxation I get when I feel like I'm the only people in the world.
We regularly "car camp," but this summer I've agreed to go on a real camping trip (sans bathrooms.) We'll kayak in and kayak out. I'm actually looking forward to it.
But that doesn't mean I don't love a luxury weekend at a spa where I can get pampered and prepped and dine on fine foods and wine. What about you?
For a look at the opposite of glamping, check this out. This guy goes into the wild with few provisions and just roughs it. That's the kind of camping my husband prefers. He's going on a solo camping trip this summer to the Adirondacks that will be a little bit of Survivorman.

Kayaking With The Family 2007

Glamping And Camping

by Ruth Chase
June 2010

So though I would love to see my newly painted toe nails at the end of one those luxury beds in a fancy tent the kind that defines Glamping. The reality is that that is not where we as a family choose to spend our money. So to go camping every month in the summer/fall/spring we find ourselves at a campsite that costs a whole lot less. However that doesn't make me give up on Glamping. No Way! it motivates me even more. Taking a few luxuries that make camping more comfortable. 

  • A quality sharp knife to prepare food with
  • Good pans from the kitchen
  • One feather bed to lay on top of my airbed and one to sleep under
  • A bigger tent to have room to stand in plus the dog
  • And excellent food, no short cuts

You mix that with all that nature has to offer and you have an amazing trip that's not all that roughing it, if you know what I mean. Yeah yeah sure, you go fishing, long hikes, kayaking during the day but back at camp your right at home. 


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