Lighting For Glamping It Up

When thinking of lighting remember you need some practical items like flashlights and a camp lantern but don't forget you can GLAMP things up with any solar lighting as well. Just make sure your solar lights have an on and off switch so you can turn them off when you go to bed.

We tried out a strand of solar butterflies that we got for our children's garden for a recent camping trip and they were super cute around the the tent and didn't take much space to pack.

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Just a thought, what do you think?

The AMAZING 95 LED Aluminum Flashlight
Ling Ling The Panda Pink Flashlight
Coleman Table Battery Powered Deluxe Table Lamp
Coleman Family-Sized Rugged Rechargeable Battery Lantern
Round Portable Camping Tent Light with Wide Angle 48 LED Lantern 9314
Smart Solar 3705MR20 Solar Light String, 20 Multi Color LEDs with Translucent Butterfly Covers
Decorative Small Butterfly String Solar LED Lights
Decorative Small Daises Flower String Solar LED Lights
Solar Powered String Lights In Nectar
Solar Powered Yellow Sun Flower String Solar Light

Cyclops CYC-ULH1-CB Atom Miniature LED Headlamp, White LED, BlueColeman 8D LED Pack-Away Lantern
Smart Solar 3730WR30 Solar Star Light String, 30 White LEDs with Star Covers

Aurora Glow - Glass Solar String Lights - White (White) (3"H x 12"W x 3"D)Solar Sun JarRechargeable Flashlight - Catdon't for
get the kids with this one, our friend had this and it was cute and rechargeable by pressing the side, the kids loved it.


Moira said…
Cool and comprehensive. Lots of great ideas.

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