RETRO Glamping

 I know I'm stretching the meaning of Glamping here. But to me Glamping is any non-traditional camping moving up the scale on the comfort meter. Take a look at a few places around the world that bring modern camping together with retro travel trailer style.

How about this............................ your ready to rest your tiered old 1940's travel trailer tin can and find a place to plug in. Your in France by the way.................. just turn into The Bel Repayre Airstream & Retro Trailer Park. Yes you will be in like company here because you won't be the only vintage on wheels.
The park sports a Lounge/Bar and host a slew of events like rallies and other vintage themed RV events. You can rent a trailer or park your own.

Now if you find yourself in South Africa you might want to untie your shoes here at The Grand Daddy. You got that right............... check out a few the the Airstream's for hire.

The Shady Dell is an American favorite. Here you have 11 different vintage trailers to choose from. Located in Bisbee, Arizona. A virtual tour might be what the doctor ordered.


Lastly I'm loving The Starlux in New Jersey. This is a retro hotel with an option for an airstream room starting at $79 a night depending on when you stay. They appear to have a roller coaster park near by and swimming pool. Check it out



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DIVA said…
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DIVA said…
Do you know of any hard cover glamping/vintage RV magazines? If so please let me know
Diva there are many hard cover glamping books but magazines hummmm not sure about that, curious why
Did you see this awesome book just posted at

I don't know of any hard cover magazines

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